Research groups

There are currently over 30 research groups at the Dunn School, investigating different aspects of the molecular and cellular basis underlying health and disease.
Research area:

Structure and Function of Cancer Genes

Bass Hassan

Identifying and validating functional genomic co-dependencies to improve precision of cancer treatment.

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Molecular Parasitology

Matt Higgins

Unpicking host-parasite interactions in molecular detail. Matt Higgins has a joint appointment between the Biochemistry Department, the Kavli Institute and the Dunn School. His group is based in the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Building.

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Germline mutation and Meiotic recombination

Anjali Hinch

Uncovering the mechanisms and impacts of meiotic recombination and de novo mutation.

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Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Membrane Biogenesis

Georgia Isom

Using a combination of structural biology, biochemistry and bacterial genetics to study Gram-negative bacterial membrane transport systems

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Macrophage Modulation During Viral Infection and Neuroinflammation

William James

Dissecting both physiological and pathological macrophage pathways in infectious and non-infectious disease

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Assembly and Regulation of Macromolecular Ciliary Dynein Motors

Girish Ram Mali

Investigating how cells assemble axonemal dyneins, in particular the role of DNAAFs in this process

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The Transcriptional Cyclin-Dependent Kinases and Control of Gene Expression

Shona Murphy

Understanding the mechanisms underlying the connection between transcription and RNA processing

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Cell Cycle and Gene Expression in Cancer

Chris Norbury

Studying the role of cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs) in cancer cells and their normal counterparts

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RNA Polymerase II Derived Nascent Transcription and Co-transcriptional RNA Processing in Mammalian Genomes

Nicholas Proudfoot

Studying the molecular mechanisms that define the extent of transcription units generated by RNA polymerase II across mammalian genomes

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