Former Groups

Here you can find a list of recent former groups of the Dunn School and how to contact them.


  • Image of a mouse embryo, showing cells labelled in red, blue and green against a black background

    Image credit: Ita Costello

    Acuto Group: Oreste Acuto has now retired, and can be contacted on

  • Barclay Group: Neil Barclay has now retired.
  • Bell Group: The group of Stephen Bell has now moved to Indiana University. Group website.
  • Bharat Group: The group of Tanmay Bharat has now moved to the LMB. Group website.
  • Brown Group: Marion Brown has now retired, and can be contacted on
  • Brownlee Group: George Brownlee has now retired.
  • Fairchild Group: Paul Fairchild is currently focusing on his private practice as well as his spinout company OXvax. He can be contacted on
  • Gluenz Group:  The group of Eva Gluenz has now moved to the Institute of Cell Biology, University of Bern. Group website.
  • Gordon Group: Siamon Gordon has now retired, and can be contacted on
  • Gull Group: Keith Gull has now retired.
  • Hunt group: As a labgroup, the Hunt lab closed when he retired. Work continues on the cell population array imager and other activities. Emails to about anything Dunn-ish are very welcome.
  • Malloy Group: The group of Kevin Malloy has now moved to the  School of Infection & Immunity, University of Glasgow. Group website.
  • Nieduszynski Group: The group of Conrad Nieduszynski is now at the Earlham Institute. Group website.
  • Waldmann Group: Herman Waldmann has now retired.


Former members of the department are encouraged to join our Alumni Network.