Working in the Dunn School

Staff benefit not just from a supportive and inclusive environment, but also have access to wider support as members of the University of Oxford.

group of researchers discuss around a table and by a white board


  • Providing Training and Career Development Opportunities

The Dunn School offers all members of staff extensive training opportunities, from personal development courses to technical and specialist training. All students and staff can also apply for departmental funds to explore training opportunities, which are not available within the university.


  • Supporting parents and carers

The Dunn School prides itself on being a family friendly department. We are committed to creating a working environment that offers opportunities for working parents/carers to achieve their professional goals and develop their careers without having a detrimental effect on family life.

We have a range of family friendly policies and practices including a generous, day-one entitlement, to maternity, paternity, parental, carer, and adoption leave.  Dunn School staff benefit from generous caring leave arrangements, can take advantage of nursery fee salary sacrifice schemes, and access to University nurseries and holiday play schemes. The Dunn School offers flexible and supportive plans for managing caring leave and return to work.

We have several designated child accessible areas within the department, including the cafeteria. We also offer funding to support extraordinary caring expenses associated with the attendance of conferences and other career development opportunities.


  • Supporting flexible working

We can usually support employees who want to explore flexible and part-time working options. We have a core hours policy of 10am – 4pm, and we try to arrange important meetings, events and seminars within these times to help flexible workers and employees with caring commitments.


  • Building interactions

Working at the Dunn School provides many opportunities to interact with other members of staff both professionally and socially, building a real sense of community. Research staff and students exchange scientific ideas both through informal collaborations and our formal progress seminars, which happen weekly and provide students and research staff with opportunities to discuss their research in progress. Our Departmental, Postdoc and Student symposia provide annual opportunities to meet other researchers and to practice both oral and poster presentations. Our weekly departmental seminar series brings some of the most stellar academic speakers from across the world to us, and are an opportunity for tea, coffee and discussion.

Social events also happen regularly and are open to all staff and students, whether research- or services-based. We have monthly afternoon social events, organised by different teams on seasonal themes, while the famous Christmas Parties and Summer Parties (in the University Parks) provide opportunities to bring family and friends to join in the fun.

Our Graduate Student Association and Postdoc and Research Staff Association also organise a variety of other academic and social events.


  • Fostering a supportive community

By joining the Dunn School as a staff member, you are joining a supportive community where we value and celebrate diversity, and want everyone to feel included and achieve their best (see our Culture and Values page).


  • Other University benefits

As a member of the University staff, you will have access to excellent sport and social facilities, including the University Club and the University Sports Facility. You will also have free or discounted access to the University’s museums, gardens, libraries and colleges as well as special exhibitions.

Other discounts are also available to University staff, and we also offer a wide range of other benefits.

Postdocs and Research Staff

We pride ourselves in supporting the best postdocs and research staff in their career ambitions, whether they aim to become group leaders or excel in other professional areas.

Our Culture and Values

Our goal is to build a collegiate, inclusive and interactive environment where everyone from students to professional staff can draw on the experience and support of others and reach their full potential.


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