Postdoc and Research Staff Association (PRSA)

The Postdoc and Research Staff Association (PRSA) exists to represent and support all research staff in the Dunn School and is ran by a group of volunteers. The PSRA organises a series of activities to provide social interactions between researchers and with the broader Dunn School community, as well as opportunities for career development and to improve communication skills.
  • Social and Career Development events

Every last Wednesday of the month, the PRSA runs Research Staff Coffee breaks. These provide an informal gathering for research staff to catch-up, meet with peers and discuss issues while enjoying a free beverage of choice and snacks.

The PRSA, in association with the Graduate Student Association and the dedicated support of all the awesome volunteers of the organising labs, runs the popular Dunn Drinks. Typically held on the last Thursday of the month, these free events sponsored by the department offer a relaxed environment for all members of the Dunn School to unwind and connect with colleagues. Each month a different team of labs takes turns arranging drinks and food, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, the PRSA organises the ‘Get to know your Dunn School PI’ meeting in the last Monday of the month. This is an informal and open conversation, aimed at graduate students and postdocs, through which Dunn school PIs discuss their career trajectory and the challenges and upsides of their current position. Tea, coffee and cakes are available during the meeting.


  • Mentoring and Representation:

The Postdoc Mentoring Scheme is a well-established programme to support the career development of postdocs. The scheme is based on small group peer-mentoring and PI-driven mentoring, whereby groups of 4-5 postdocs meet every 3 months to discuss topics covering career progression, work-life balance and conflict resolution, among others. This is an opportunity for postdocs to discuss a variety of topics in a supportive and confidential environment where they can benefit from the expertise of their peers and PIs. Sign up for the scheme takes place once every year.

We also have a dedicated Research Staff Representative for the Dunn School, who regularly liaises with the PRSA and helps with regular PRSA events. Together with the Medical Sciences Division Research Staff Forum, our staff rep welcomes any questions, concerns and suggestions from researchers, with the aim of developing improvements to their experience at Oxford.


  • Science Communication:

Each spring, the PRSA organises the popular Dunn School Postdoc Symposium, where researchers have the opportunity to showcase their latest research on a variety of research areas. The full-day symposium, featuring oral and poster presentations, is open to all members of the Dunn School, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Last but not least, the PRSA plays an active role in contributing to the selection of external speakers who are invited to give departmental seminars which provides a unique opportunity to interact with academic leaders from various fields around the world.


The PRSA is run by volunteers. The current committee includes:

Viktoriya Stancheva

Yoel Klug

Carolin Kobras

Jesús Antonio Siller Farfán

Cecilia Studniarek

Santosh Kumar

Rachael Wilkinson

Aakash Mukhopadhyay

Qilin Long

Charlotte Melia


scientist presents a powerpoint while others watch on