Founded in 1927, we have a spectacular history and our research has saved millions of lives. However, we continually look to the future. Our ambitions are driven both by our extraordinary history and by our scientists’ passionate belief that the best is yet to come. We aim to make the next 100 years even better than the last.

2027 will mark our centenary. This is a unique opportunity to reflect our amazing history and the thousands of people who have worked, studied and contributed to our community. It is also a time to think about our future and where we want the next 100 years to take us.


In the countdown to 2027 we want to:

  • Celebrate our history and how we have impacted the lives of so many people through our life-transforming medical research.
  • Reconnect with old members of the department through our newly established Alumni Network.
  • Capitalise on this occasion to fundraise for future generations of Dunners, primarily through the endowment of graduate studentships

The 7th of July 2027 is now firmly in the calendar as the date of our centenary symposium and party. However, we are planning a year-long list of events and celebrations. More information will be made available soon.

image of black and white portraits on the walls of the Dunn School