Fusion Magazine

Fusion is the annual magazine of the Dunn School, covering research, events and the history of the department.

Fusion’s current Coordinating Editor is Simon Hunt. For any questions or suggestions, please contact alumni@path.ox.ac.uk

Issue 20: 2023

This issue focuses on how the Dunn School is going green and working towards net zero by 2035. Also: Find out about our new group leaders, and learn about our conservation task 100 years:1000 faces.

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Issue 19: 2021

The first edition since the COVID-19 pandemic, this bumper issue includes an interview with our Visiting Professor Roger Highfield, a focus on DNA, and the unexpected connections between the Dunn School and Strictly Come Dancing.

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Issue 18: 2019

In this issue, a current and former student that worked in the same Dunn School lab space discuss the parallels of studying for a PhD 60 years apart. Also, a focus on Structural Biology and the unsung heroes of the Dunn School: our technical staff.

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Issue 17: 2018

In this issue, we celebrate the placing of a blue plaque in the Dunn School to mark the penicillin work by Florey, Chain and Heatley. Also: a feature on translational medicine, and an interview with Georgina Ferry.

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Issue 16: 2017

As Fusion celebrates its 15th anniversary, a research focus on pathogens. Also: a day in the life of our Graduate Student Association and exploring the Dunn School archives at the Bodleian Library.

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Issue 15: 2016

In this issue: The unlikely synergies between pathology and art. Also: a focus on immunology and and interview with Jim Gowans.

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Issue 14: 2015

In this issue: A focus on cancer. Also: our new logo and celebrating the life and research of Henry Harris.

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Issue 13: 2014

In this issue: A focus on virology. Also: a new era of genome engineering, and a new therapy developed by the Waldmann group is approved for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

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Issue 12: 2013

In this issue: A focus on molecular biology. Also: an interview with recently arrived PI Ivan Ahel, and the latest advancements in light and electron microscopy.

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Issue 11: 2012

In this issue: The retirement of Prof Herman Waldmann and the arrival of Prof Matthew Freeman as the new Head of Department. Also: the arrival of a new bacteriology lab and the discovery a lost letter by Florey.

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Issue 10: 2011

In this issue: An interview with Natalia Gromak. Also: a focus on stem cells and the tale of the first pathology technician Edwin Wheal.

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Issue 9: 2010

In this issue: transcription factories and structural biology at the Dunn School. Also: An interview with Fumiko Esashi and a look at the new OMPI building.

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Issue 8: 2009

In this issue: Introducing Jordan Raff and Dunn School activities in Africa. Also: George Browlee reflects on his research career and a look at the history of the Dunn School cricket team.

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Issue 7: 2008

In this issue: Introducing Stephen Bell and a retrospective by Gordon MacPherson. A look at transcription and embryonic stem cells.

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Issue 6: 2007

A special Immunology-themed issue!

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Issue 5: 2006

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Issue 4: 2005

In this issue: bird flu vaccines and reverse genetics. Also: a Siamon Gordon lab reunion and a look at the Greaves group research on inflammation.

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Issue 3: 2004

In this issue: a focus on virology. Also: zebrafish research at the Dunn School and a campaign to educate children on HIV in South Africa.

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Issue 2: 2003

A special issue dedicated to cancer!

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Issue 1: 2002

The first ever issue of Fusion looks at the Dunn School’s contributions to the treatment of haemophilia, the new EPA building and an introduction to Keith Gull.

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Alumni Network

The Dunn School Alumni Network was established to keep in touch with former staff and students, in particular in the build up to our centenary in 2027.

Our History

Over our 100 years of history, our research has saved millions, if not billions, of lives. The development of the first antibiotic, penicillin, ranks among the top medical discoveries of all time, but we have never rested on those laurels.

Giving to the Dunn School

The Dunn School owes its existence to a philanthropic gift, and over the years has been the beneficiary of many acts of philanthropy, not least from those who have worked here.