Monika Gullerova

Transcriptional gene silencing and its role in disease.

Our goal is to understand the role of transcriptional gene silencing in gene expression regulation in mammalian cells. Our research focuses on natural occurrence of sense and antisense overlapping transcripts that lead to RNAi activation in normal and cancer cells. To elucidate these research questions, we employ molecular biology and bioinformatic analyses in mammalian cells and yeast.

We study the following in human cells: the biological significance of human nuclear Dicer; the mechanisms of Transcriptional Gene Silencing in BCAR3 gene expression regulation; and transcriptional regulation of ERBB2 amplicon. In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, we analyse cohesion establishment on chromosomal arms and the identification of miRNA and post-transcriptional gene silencing.

Relevant Publications

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Research Areas