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Fumiko Esashi Receives BBSRC Grant for Centromere Evolution Research

Dunn School Group Leader Fumiko Esashi has been awarded a BBSRC Pioneer Award to support her research on centromere evolution.

The grant will fund her investigation into the impact of DNA breaks on genome evolution within centromeres.

Centromeres, not coding for proteins, share a vital role in genetic transmission when cells divide. Despite this, their DNA, rich in repeats, varies widely between individuals. Fumiko employs advanced sequencing and machine learning to locate DNA breakpoints, exploring how centromeres evolve while maintaining their crucial function.

This research aims to reshape our understanding of genome stability and evolution. The BBSRC grant reflects the Dunn School’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing critical societal challenges.

We congratulate Fumiko on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to the discoveries her pioneering research will bring.

Written by Jo Peel, HoD office


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