IITM DPhil Programme Celebrates Website and Social Media Launch

IITM DPhil Programme Celebrates Website and Social Media Launch

The Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine (IITM) DPhil programme has a fresh public face following the launch of a newly branded website and social media presence on 3 April 2017.

The new IITM Website combines with a Twitter feed and Facebook group to promote the course and provide information to current and prospective students. The resources have been developed and supported by IITM students Layal Liverpool and Richard Morter, and IITM course administrator Dawn Gibbons.

IITM course Co-Director and Dunn School Professor Chris Tang said: “The website and social media channels provide not only essential information but more significantly an in-depth view of the IITM community with insights into the lives of students, past and present.”

The IITM DPhil programme is funded by the Wellcome Trust and gives students the opportunity to complete three 3-month laboratory-based research projects during their first year, not only at the Dunn School but a host of labs across the university's medical sciences division. At the end of the first year students then choose one or more of these labs in which to complete their DPhil thesis project for the remaining three years.


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