Eleanor Minney and Mariette Moor win 2015 Dunn School Art Prize

Eleanor Minney and Mariette Moor win 2015 Dunn School Art Prize

The 2015 Dunn School Art prize has been jointly awarded to Eleanor Minney and Mariette Moor with Lucy Gregory as runner up. All are third year students from The Ruskin School of Art.

Eleanor Minney’s two works in the medium of pencil, ink and mixed collage on tracing paper explore the theme of the artist as an outsider struggling to comprehend the complexities of scientific research. Minney said: “I am the outsider in wonderland…….These works record my impression of the remarkable and bewildering world of pathology.”

An intricate pencil drawing inspired by images of the heart, stomach and small intestine was the basis of Mariette Moor’s winning piece. The work includes fanciful images based upon cellular structures. Moor said: “From this starting point, a mass of one hundred and thirty-six beings evolved and formed a landscape.” 

The awards committee congratulated the winning artists on their ability to communicate the breadth and complexity of research undertaken at the Dunn School.

The joint winners receive £750 each in prize money and runner up £250.

The Dunn School Art Prize is a collaborative project with The Ruskin School of Art. 

Monday, December 14, 2015 - 16