Dunn School legendary Christmas party returns

Dunn School legendary Christmas party returns

The Dunn School of Pathology held its annual hit Christmas party on Friday, 13th of December, a week before it closes for the well-earned holiday. The party was organised by the group of Fumiko Esashi and the group of Monica Gullerova, who made sure the holiday spirit was well in place for the party.

Prof. Matthew Freeman, head of the department, gave the cue to start the party with his traditional transformation to Santa Claus, delivering presents to the younger generation of Dunn Schoolers. The children and their parents then enjoyed a family-friendly Christmas dinner and a movie.

Meanwhile, the delicious smell of mulled wine lured students, postdocs and staff out of the labs and offices, all gathered in the combination room, just in time to set up the old favourite food contest. Although many dishes were creative, none drew more attention than the gingerbread-made Dunn School, prepared by staff scientist Dr Errin Johnson, who also revealed a number of other talents that evening.

As it got cold and rainy outside, the party just got hotter and hotter inside. The annual raffle included prizes like Cards Against Humanity, Amazon’s Alexa, Star-Wars’ Yoda robot, spa voucher and more. A total of £1068 was collected and donated to the Parasol Project, an Oxford-based charity committed to the inclusion of all children and young adults in different activities and experiences.

The highlight of the party was a Dunn School Has Talent contest. The judges faced an impossible choice, having to choose between some extraordinary talents. Among the talents, News Desk team member, Heather Jeffery, who remarkably played the violin, and ginger-bread-house master maker, Dr Errin Johnson, who rapped, together with members of the electron-microscopy team. The award was eventually shared between D.Phil student, Claire Hill, who sang and played the guitar, and the professional support team, who presented a well-made video based on the classic song “9 to 5”.

The local band “Fallen Angels” gave a spectacular show, with cover versions of all-time favourite hits. The live music, together with the open bar, provided one of the best parties the Dunn School has seen in a while. The final bit of the evening was another party in the combination room, with music by DJ Danny. Throughout the evening, games such as table-tennis, twister and limbo, were available in the different areas of the Dunn School.

Written by Shaked Ashkenazi

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