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Sumana Sanyal awarded title of Professor of Molecular Pathology

Recognising her research on the cell biology of viral infection, as well as her teaching contributions, Sumana Sanyal has been awarded the title Professor of Molecular Pathology by the University of Oxford.

Studying Dengue and Zika, two of the major mosquito-borne flaviviruses that cause disease worldwide, Professor Sanyal’s group investigates the ways in which the viruses subvert the cells they invade, and the ways in which the host fights back.

Professor Sanyal is a tutorial fellow in medicine at Oriel College and also holds a visiting associate professorship at the University of Hong Kong.

Sumana Sanyal

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Sanyal Group

Investigating mechanisms of flavivirus biogenesis, using Zika and Dengue as models, and their strategies of evading host immune responses

Infection and Immunity

Several Dunn School groups use a range of approaches to investigate antigen presentation and immune regulation during health and disease and study the mechanisms that enable bacterial and viral pathogens to invade and proliferate inside their hosts.

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