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Public Engagement news: “Even my mum got it!” – Stem cells and regenerative medicine explained in Marlow

Even the organiser’s mum understood, this was the successful outcome of a public engagement event presented by the Dunn School’s Professor Paul Fairchild in Marlow on 3 July 2017.

Paul presented and a led a discussion on “stem cells and the promise of regenerative medicine” to members of the public and sixth form at the Café Scientifique event held in the drama studio at the Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School.

Jack Broadbent, 17, co-founder of the Marlow Café and a sixth form student at the school, said; “Paul pitched his talk perfectly it was really clear, even my mum got it and followed all of it. Crossing all scopes of understanding, he firstly started by explaining the real basics and then went on to take the concepts a bit further. My mum understood it all, it was really clear. No prior, or expert knowledge on the subject was needed.”   

In his lecture Paul explained the challenges of chronic and degenerative diseases that came with increased life expectancy in the developed world, and considered the potential of stem cell technology as future treatments.  

Café Scientifique community groups are active up and down the country as an informal public engagement forum for discussion of current research and issues of relevance and interest to the world outside the lab.

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