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Prestigious BSCB prize for Iona Manley

The Gruneberg lab student was recognised with the BSCB Young Cell Biologist of the Year Prize

At the recent BSCB/BSDB joint spring conference at the University of Warwick, Iona Manley, a 4th year PhD student in the Gruneberg lab, won this year’s BSCB Young Cell Biologist of the Year Prize with her poster “A novel mechanism of spindle assembly checkpoint regulation through CDK1 regulation of outer-kinetochore assembly”.  Iona’s PhD work has investigated the kinase and phosphatase balance involved in regulating outer-kinetochore assembly in mammalian cells and the impact that this has on the spindle assembly checkpoint and accurate chromosome segregation in mitosis.

The award associated with the prize is a trip to the American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting which this year will take place in Washington, DC, in December.

Iona said: I’m thrilled to have received this incredible award. I’d like to thank the BSCB for selecting me, and Ulrike Gruneberg and the Gruneberg lab for their support.  I really look forward to attending the ASCB conference later in the year.”

Written by the Gruneberg lab