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James Martin Stem Cell Facility receives funding boost

The James Martin Stem Cell Facility (JMSCF) has received a substantial injection of funds through the MRC Dementias Platform UK.

The capital equipment award made to Sally Cowley and DPAG’s Richard Wade-Martins includes funds to support the work of the JMSCF, a dedicated facility for human stem cell research located in OMPI, within the Dunn School of Pathology.

Oxford will lead the creation of a new UK Dementias Stem Cells Network, co-ordinating Cambridge, UCL, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Manchester.

Dr Cowley explained: ‘By funding investment into new technologies and equipment the award will support crucial research into patient-derived induced Pluripotent Stem cells to model dementias, for disease phenotype discovery in neuronal and glial lineages, and for developing drug screening platforms.’

At the Dunn School, the award will fund: