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David Greaves and Max Brodermann win second prize at the OxTALENT annual awards

Dunn School group leader David Greaves and Oxford University medical student Max Brodermann are joint runners-up in the Innovative teaching & learning with technology category of the 2018 OxTALENT annual awards for their entry “Innovative eLearning Resources for Medical Student Studies in Biochemistry and Pathology”. The winners were announced on 13 June 2018.

David and Max, who are both affiliated with Hertford College, set up innovative eLearning resources to guide medical students in learning principles of biochemistry and pathology. The judges of the OxTALENT awards were impressed by the fact that student evaluation is core to the design of the eLearning resources and that being a project designed by a student in collaboration with an academic staff, its content is “relevant, stimulating and real”.

The motivation behind this project was that first and second year medical students can be overwhelmed by the amount of material they need to learn. A comprehensive, well-structured eLearning resource can not only help direct their independent studies, but also consolidate their understanding of the topics that are covered in lectures. For each topic in the eLearning resources, students start out with a page outlining the learning objectives and key information, and then they are engaged with stimulating quizzes. Finally, they are presented with fun facts about the topic and additional literature on the current scientific and clinical developments of the field.

“I was delighted for Max to hear about the OxTALENT 2018 award – it was such a nice way for Max to finish his six years of medical training at Oxford and he is leaving behind a great teaching resource for the next generation of medical students,” said David Greaves, “Having set up an excellent template for eLearning resources, I want to expand this form of teaching to all my first and second year BM pathology teaching in collaboration with year four and five medical students.”

The OxTALENT annual awards were established to recognise members of the University who have made innovative use of digital technology to foster learning and academic practice at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, develop more effective links between teaching and research, or improve impact through outreach and public engagement.

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Written by Sheng Kai Pong