Light Microscopy Facility

Light Microscopy Facility

The Light Microscopy Facility, part of the Dunn School Bioimaging Facility, provides its users with high-end confocal and fluorescent light microscopes, as well as training and personalised advice. These microscopes are associated with the broader Micron Advanced Bioimaging Unit, which ensures that researchers at the Dunn School and across the University of Oxford have access to the full range of cutting edge microscopy techniques.

Within the Facility, we maintain an Olympus FV1200 laser scanning microscope fitted with a 355nm ‘DNA damaging’ laser and equipped with temperature and CO2 chamber for live cell work. We also maintain a second FV1000 laser scanning confocal for routine fixed cell work, several fluorescence microscopes, and a slide scanner for histopathology samples.

We aim to provide the expert support to our users, including training on our microscopes and advice at all stages of their experiments. Users of the facility also have access to a range of introductory and advanced microscopy courses across the University.

The facility is managed by Alan Wainman who has over ten years of post-doctoral experience using microscopes to research cell division at Cambridge, Rome and Oxford, and has managed the Light Microscopy Facility at the Dunn School for over five years.

Please contact Alan (; 01865 275531) for more information and to discuss how you can use the Dunn School light microscopes to further your research.

Alan Wainman