The James Martin Stem Cell Facility

The James Martin Stem Cell Facility

The James Martin Stem Cell Facility specialises in using human Pluripotent Stem cell (hPSc) technology to model disease.

Stem cell iPS-Cortical neuron progenitors

The facility was initially established with a grant from the John Fell Fund and has since received financial support from the Oxford Martin School and the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund, to further hPSc research across Oxford. It is an integral part of ongoing research across the University of Oxford, the UK and EU, to model disease using human induced Pluripotent Stem cells, including the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre, The MRC Dementias Platform UK Stem Cells Network, and EU IMI StemBANCC.

The James Martin Stem Cell Facility provides the opportunity for all members of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute  and other Oxford University-based researchers to learn how to work with human Pluripotent Stem cells and to initiate new projects using hPSc. The facility has expertise in the generation of patient-derived hiPSc lines, genotypic and phenotypic quality control, genetic manipulation of hPSc using CRISPR/Cas9, and directed differentiation, particularly into monocyte/macrophage and neuronal lineages.

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For details of the online and practical workshop: Modelling Inflammation with iPS-Macrophages and Microglia, click here.

Enquiries should be directed to the Head of the Facility, Dr Sally Cowley (, 01865 275600)

Sally Cowley