Electron Microscopy Facility

Electron Microscopy Facility

The Electron Microscopy (EM) Facility is part of the Dunn School Bioimaging Facility. In association with the Micron Advanced Bioimaging Unit and the Oxford Particle Imaging Centre, it provides Oxford University scientists with a broad range of light and electron microscopy options to facilitate their research.

Joshua Long, a DPhil student in the Fodor group in the Dunn School, using the TEM.

SEM images of Drosophila, E. coli, T-cells on melanoma cells, and human phagocytes.

TEM images of virus-like particles, mouse fibroblast, Leishmania sp. and the blood-brain barrier.

The EM Facility comprises a FEI Tecnai T12 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), a JEOL-6390 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), a Zeiss Merlin Compact Field Emission Gun (FEG)-SEM (in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University), an EM specimen preparation laboratory, and dedicated computer stations for image analysis and 3D data reconstruction.

The EM Facility is open to all members of the Dunn School and the University of Oxford, and multiple usage options are available:

  • full/partial service - recommended for difficult, short term or one-off projects

  • training - free and comprehensive, a particularly good option for PhD students

  • collaboration - for long-term technically challenging projects

Usage charges are available upon request and vary depending on the instrument and project. Service work involves an additional fee. Quotes for grant applications can also be prepared.

Errin Johnson is the EM Facility Manager. Her background includes post-doctoral research in plant cell biology at the Umea Plant Science Centre Sweden, and several years as a microscopist with the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis at The University of Sydney. She is an experienced light and electron microscopist, and a specialist in EM biological specimen preparation.

Please contact Errin (errin.johnson@path.ox.ac.uk, 01865 285742) for more information and to discuss how you can use the facility to further your research.

Twitter: @DunnSchoolBIF

Errin Johnson
Errin Johnson