Alumni Network

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You are a member of the Dunn School community even after you leave the department!

The Dunn School Alumni Network was set up to help former staff and students keep up with what is happening in the Dunn School, especially in the build up to our centenary in 2027. If you would like to sign up to the Dunn School Alumni Network, you can do so via this form. We will not email you more than once a term and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Been there, Dunn That

To celebrate our alumni community, every month we will be highlighting one recent or not so recent alumnus on our social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn), as well as on departmental screens.

Below are some of the recent profiles highlighted in this series. Would you like to feature? Email us on!


Janina Baumbach (2009-13): Having tea breaks in the cosy breakout area at the Dunn School must be amongst my fondest memories. It was a great time to socialise with colleagues and discuss science.

Ashley York (2010-14): The Dunn school is a fantastic place to be a graduate student and provides a supportive environment, both social and scientific, allowing students to flourish and develop into incredible scientists.

Portrait of Jane Mellanby with information on her postdoc at the Dunn School with W.E. van Heyningen in the 1960s and major achievements in neuroscience, on tetanus toxin and education

Quote by Emily Furlong "My fondest memory from my time in the Dunn School would have to be performing a cryo-EM themed rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” at the 2019 Christmas Party Talent Show with the Bioimaging Facility team"


Photo of Philipp Kruger with quote "I was always amazed by the strong sense of community at the Dunn School, driven by the very active postdoc and student groups and great leadership support."

Photo of Rosa Beddington, PhD student and postdoc in the Dunn School during the 1980s. Embryologist, FRS, EMBO member and winner of the Waddington Medal

Photo of alumnus Kinga Kamieniarz-Gdula with quote "Besides the first class science and the collegiality, I also loved being directly by the University Park: the spontaneous picnic-lunches on the green grass on sunny days, the famous summer parties... "