About us

The Dunn School is a world-class biomedical research Department at the University of Oxford. Over 300 scientists from more than 30 countries aim to discover the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie human health and disease. Our research capitalises on outstanding facilities and addresses the full spectrum from fundamental biology to discovering medical advances.

We recruit and support excellent graduate students and postdocs from around the world, and provide them with a springboard to future success. Indeed, many go on to become the next generation of scientific leaders.

We are proud of our past achievements, most notably the development of penicillin, which led to the introduction to the world of the antibiotic era; and are even more excited about the potential of our current and future research. One of our strategies is to invest in cutting edge technologies that will enable our scientists to continue making important scientific discoveries and to translate them into therapeutics and vaccines of the future. 

In addition to our research, we teach and aim to inspire the next generation of doctors and scientists studying in Medical, Biomedical, and Biochemistry degree courses.

The Dunn School is part of the University's Medical Sciences Division which has been ranked first in the world for the last six years, and is based on the vibrant South Parks Road Science Campus in the heart of Oxford.