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Chris Tang elected Fellow of American Society of Microbiology

It has been announced that Professor Chris Tang of the Dunn School has been elected to the Fellowship of the American Society of Microbiology, one of the largest and oldest professional societies. This honour recognises his ground-breaking work on fundamental biology of bacterial pathogens, as well as the opportunities his discoveries provide for improving human health.

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Professor Tang’s group studies how pathogenic bacteria colonise specific niches in the body and how they cause disease. They have a particular focus on Neisseria, which causes diseases like meningitis and gonorrhoea, as well as the enteric pathogen Shigella, a leading cause of dysentery. Recent work has also included the development of a vaccine against meningococcus.

Chris Tang said, ‘It is an honour for the group’s work to be recognised by fellow microbiologists in the ASM. I am extremely grateful to all members of my group who carry out the science that has underpinned my election. I would also like to acknowledge our great collaborators across Oxford and outside the University, as well as colleagues at the Dunn School who make it such a pleasure to work in the department.’

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