Tanmay Bharat named an EMBO Young Investigator

Tanmay Bharat named an EMBO Young Investigator

Dunn School Group Leader Tanmay Bharat has been recognised as an EMBO Young Investigator, the organisation announced on 1 December 2020. The award provides four years of financial and practical support from EMBO, starting in January 2021. 

The EMBO Young Investigator Programme is designed to recognise and support life scientists who are within the first four years of being independent principal investigators, and who have a proven record of scientific excellence. Benefits for Tanmay and his group include having access to core facilities at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany; networking opportunities;  and leadership training. In his second year as an EMBO Young Investigator, Tanmay will be awarded 15,000 euros and can apply for additional funding and travel grants up to 10,000 euros.

Tanmay's research focuses on using advanced microscopy techniques, such as cryo-EM, to study the structural cell biology of bacterial biofilm formation. Support from EMBO will be used to study how molecules assemble on the surface of prokaryotic cells, mediating fundamental biological processes such as biofilm formation, which are important in health and disease in microbiomes and bacterial infections.

On winning the award, Tanmay said: “I am delighted that EMBO has decided to support us, as this award will directly benefit not just me, but also members of my laboratory. Big thanks to my mentors including Matthew Freeman for the nomination.” 

This year, thirty life scientists, including Dr Bharat, were selected as EMBO Young Investigators. He will join an existing network of 73 current and 384 previous members of the Programme.

For futher information visit: 

- Tanmay Bharat's group website and twitter account @TBharat_lab

Written by Derek Xu



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