Student Alice Ahn wins Poster Prize at International Complement Workshop

Student Alice Ahn wins Poster Prize at International Complement Workshop

A Dunn School final year graduate student, Alice Jiyoon Ahn, recently won a best poster prize at the 27th International Complement Workshop held in Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) from 16th-21st September 2018. Alice is a DPhil student in Professor Susan Lea’s research group. The Lea laboratory investigates host-pathogen interactions to better understand the nature and extent of disease caused by these infectious microorganisms using a variety of techniques, including X-ray crystallography.

Alice’s poster was titled "Structural insights into a novel properdin-binding complement inhibitor from the tick Rhipicephallus pulchellus" and showcased her DPhil research. The complement system is a key component of the immune system that helps eliminate infectious microorganisms.

“It was a pleasant surprise to win an award and have my work recognised at an international conference, especially since this was the first conference that I attended!” said Alice when asked about receiving the prize.

The bi-annual meeting is the largest and oldest complement conference and brings together experts from around the world (over 500 attendees were estimated to have attended) to promote the latest advances of complement immunology research and development, clinical studies and complement therapeutics.

More information on the Lea research group:

Written by Amity Roberts

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 10