Sonia Muliyil (Freeman lab) awarded 3rd prize in the BSCB imaging competition

Sonia Muliyil (Freeman lab) awarded 3rd prize in the BSCB imaging competition

The British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) runs an annual imaging competition that aims at showcasing the best images taken by members of the society, whose research focuses on studying aspects of cell biology. In its 2018 edition, Dr Sonia Muliyil, a postdoc in Matthew Freeman’s lab, has been awarded 3rd prize for her image entitled: “Waves in the retina (Snapshot of a Drosophila adult retina)”. Sonia’s work looks at the function of a pseudoprotease in the nervous system in the context of stress. The imaging awards were announced during the BSCB spring meeting – jointly organised with the Biochemical Society this year– the Dynamic Cell III, which took place in Manchester between 19th-21st March 2018.

This is not the first time that Dr Sonia Muliyil receives an award for beautifully capturing her research. Sonia was jointly awarded first prize in the light microscopy category during the 2017 Dunn School Bioimaging facility awards. When asked about her award, Sonia said: “It’s always quite satisfying to see your research being awarded in some form or the other. I thank BSCB for selecting my image for this prize. I hope to continue the trend of capturing interesting and relevant scientific images”.

The 1st prize for the imaging competition went to Dr Massimo Ganassi (King’s College London) for capturing the picturesque microscopic structure of pectoral fin and hypaxial muscles of zebrafish larvae.  Dr Alessandro Bossio (University College London) bagged the 2nd prize for his image showing the architecture of mouse hippocampus.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” - the winning images of the BSCB competition indeed showcases the astonishing beauty and complexity of the cellular structures.

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Written by Dr Sreerekha Pillai and Dr Anna Caballe (@caballe_anna)


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