Signals of success: Omer Dushek awarded Senior Research Fellowship

Signals of success: Omer Dushek awarded Senior Research Fellowship

Omer Dushek has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship to fund his innovative research into signalling models the Trust announced in July 2017.

Omer’s ambition is to assist researchers to comprehensively define the “laws of signalling pathways” for the first time, leading to improved and new therapies in the context of infection, cancer, autoimmunity and transplants.

Utilising his skills both as a mathematician and lab based researcher he hopes to formulate accurate phenotypic models of signalling pathways that can predict cellular responses.

Head of Department, Professor Matthew Freeman, describes Omer’s innovative approach and ability to combine mathematics with experimental biology as “rare” and “exceptional” and commented:

I consider Omer Dushek to be an outstanding scientist with a very promising future. He has carved out a distinct and successful niche for himself, and his skills make him one of a very small group of scientists who can do both the experimental and the mathematical research on which many fields are increasingly reliant.”

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