Raff Lab Member Crowd Funds to Buy Ambulance for Home Village in India

Raff Lab Member Crowd Funds to Buy Ambulance for Home Village in India

A purchase of an ambulance and launch of an ambulance service in her home village of Bal Jattan in Haryana State, India is the goal of an online crowd funder set up by Raff Lab Laboratory Manager, Saroj Saurya, in March 2017.

The money raised by Dunn School colleagues, friends and family will support the “Bugli Devi – Mauji Ram Saini Charitable Trust”, set up by Saroj’s Father, and “Mother Teresa Charitable Trust” in the purchase of an ambulance and provision of an ambulance service for the first time ever in the village.

Speaking on the importance of the project, Saroj said: “Due to home births and lack of medical facilities in Bal Jattan, the survival rate of a new born baby is not very high. My dad had 12 siblings and only 9 survived. It is very disheartening to see that even after 4 decades, the village is still without a doctor or hospital or ambulance. People use their car or borrow someone else’s vehicle to transport very sick patients.  With my parents’ help, I aim to fund an ambulance in our village that can transport the poor and sick to the nearby hospital free of charge and save many lives. I feel fortunate and want to give something back to my village.”

Saroj will travel to India from 7 – 25 April to continue fundraising there, targeting companies and family members. So far she is around a quarter of the way to hitting her target of £4,000. The cheapest ambulance costs around Rs 300,000 (approx. £3,700). She hopes to purchase the ambulance during her stay. 

Dunn School colleagues have generously supported the online appeal and cash donations are expected at a vegetable bhaji and samosa sale in the department on 30 March.

To find out more and sponsor Saroj visit: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sarojsaurya

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