Promoting junior scientists - Another year of successful partnership with the Pegasus Primary School

Promoting junior scientists - Another year of successful partnership with the Pegasus Primary School

Building on the success of last year’s programme the Dunn School ran another series of outreach events at Pegasus Primary School in Blackbird Leys during the 2018–2019 academic year. The programme aims to make the wonderful world of science accessible to the pupils and to promote the children’s curiosity for scientific topics.

Two classes of Year 5 children had the chance to explore a wide range of scientific topics during the year, when researchers from across the Dunn School visited the school for one day each term. 

Dr Arun Dhillon who volunteered for the microscopy-themed day, said: “The kids were really excited to look at different samples and be like real scientists.”

A session on “Outbreaks and Microbes” kicked off the season in November 2018. During the second visit in February, pupils were introduced to the invisible world around them and used microscopes to learn about the fascinating structures hidden in some of the smallest things in life. The third visit was dedicated to “DNA – the code of life”.

During the workshops children spent time at interactive workstations, where they got involved in discussions and problem solving, drawing and writing, and eventually even conducting a scientific experiment on their own. 

As a finale to the programme, the pupils organised an after-school mini-exhibition to present their work to their families and fellow pupils. 

The programme was organised by Dunn School researchers: Rachel Exley, Lindsay Stimson and Christoph Tang. The events were brought to life by enthusiastic Dunn School volunteers: Shona Murphy,Andreia Alburquerque-Wendt, Violaine Andre, Anna Caballe, Adam Costin, Samuel Dean, Raman Dhaliwal, Arun Dhillon, Yuhang Fong, Rhian Ford, Heather Jeffery, Errin Johnson, Guangyu Liu, Rebecca Moore, Giulia Pilla, Amity Roberts, Ana Wallis and Wearn Xin Yee.

Written by Katharina Braunger

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 12