Professor Keith Gull honoured with Symposium for his exceptional work on protozoan parasites

Professor Keith Gull honoured with Symposium for his exceptional work on protozoan parasites

Dunn School group leader Professor Keith Gull was honoured with a Satellite Symposium to celebrate his exceptional work on protozoan parasites. The Brazilian Society of Protozoology held the Symposium at the Hotel Gloria in Caxambu, Brazil on the 5th of November 2018.

The Symposium consisted of a number of talks highlighting the structure-function relationships in protozoan parasites; microscopic one-celled organisms that are parasitic in man and animals. Keith’s work has centred on the biochemistry and cell biology of microtubules and the cytoskeleton. His research now focuses on the African trypanosome, the parasite causing the devastating Sleeping Sickness disease of sub-Saharan Africa, and also on the Leishmania parasite. The Gull group uses a variety of experimental approaches from advanced light and electron microscopy to cell and molecular biology studies to investigate the structural and molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis from both an evolutionary and health perspective.

”This was a hugely generous gesture. In essence, it recognises the very many talented researchers who have worked in my lab. It was an extremely enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to hear excellent science from colleagues in Brazil and the UK” said Keith.

Keith also has a major interest in the education of graduate students and he teaches aspects of tropical medicine to medical and science students in Oxford. Keith, with present and past laboratory members, have designed and delivered a series of short career development courses in East and West Africa for young scientists focussing on the cell biology of infectious pathogens and the diagnosis of neglected diseases.  

Written by Amity Roberts

Monday, December 10, 2018 - 11