Professor Jordan Raff elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor Jordan Raff elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Dunn School group leader Professor Jordan Raff is one of 48 newly elected members to join the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences, it was announced on 10th May.

The new Fellows are UK’s world-leading researchers, who have been elected for their outstanding contributions to biomedical and health science, leading research discoveries, and translating developments into benefits for patients and the wider society. Jordan Raff, César Milstein Professor of Cancer Cell Biology, has made important contributions to understanding different aspects of cell biology and, in particular cell division, by using the fruit fly as a model organism.

"It is a great honour for our work to be recognised by the Academy in this way,' said Professor Raff. 'I have been amazed at how many friends and colleagues have been in touch about it, and I’m trying to enjoy the warm-fuzzy feeling for as long as possible."

The aim of the Academy is to advance biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society. Fellows can be elected from a variety of disciplines related to medical sciences, including ethics, law, laboratory science, veterinary science, medicine and social science. Fellowships are roughly split half and half between the clinical and non-clinical fields, with Fellows hailing from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Written by Heather Jeffery, Anna Caballe (@caballe_anna), Sonia Muliyil (@Muliyilsonia)

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