Kids have fun with flies at Super Science Saturday!

Kids have fun with flies at Super Science Saturday!

Kids had a fun time learning about fly genetics after attending an activity led by the Dunn School’s Metta Pratt at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History on 12 March 2016.

Children from 4 – 12 years identified genetic differences in flies under the microscope, conducted a bang behavioral test to identify mutant from normal flies, and took part in a family tree activity to anticipate the features of fly offspring.

Metta, a graduate student in the Raff lab said: “I really enjoyed leading the activity although it was an exhausting, non stop four hours. I loved hearing the reactions of the kids and interacting with them and would encourage other scientists from across the University to get involved.”

Hélio Roque (Raff lab) and Susana Frago (Hassan lab), assisted Metta on the day. 

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If you are a scientist and would like to get involved in workshops and other events at the museum please contact Carly Smith-Huggins 

Friday, March 18, 2016 - 17