Jumping for joy - James lab reunite at socially distanced picnic

Jumping for joy - James lab reunite at socially distanced picnic

Members of Professor William James' lab jumped for joy as they renuited at a socially distanced picnic in Dr Sally Cowley's garden in Long Crendon on 26 August 2020.

Taking place after months of lockdown the lab picnic was an opportunity for the group to reconnect with each other in person whilst ensuring safe social distancing in an outside setting. 

Researcher Sharat Warrier said: "It was lovely seeing everyone in 3D and catching up without headphones for the first time this summer. The food was exceptional, the venue was gorgeous and the company brilliant. I hope to be part of many more of such fun-filled gatherings in a COVID free future."

The department has assisted in funding small picnics for lab groups and teams over the summer months following the cancellation of the Dunn School summer party in July, usually a highlight of the department's social calendar. 

The James lab runs the Oxford SARS-CoV-2 virus facility supporting a number of projects across the University of Oxford in the effot to combat COVID-19.

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