Inspiring the Scientists of the Future: 2,000 Children Attend Outreach Event in Ukraine

Inspiring the Scientists of the Future: 2,000 Children Attend Outreach Event in Ukraine


Mariya Lobanovska and Rachel Exley

Two thousand Ukrainian school children have been inspired to consider becoming the scientists of the future after participating in a Dunn School led “Microbes are Like People” exhibition from 28 March to 2 April at the Landau Centre, part of V. N. Karazin University in Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine.

Graduate Student Mariya Lobanovska designed and led the workshop, locally sponsored by the Anatoliy Denisenko Charitable Foundation.  Kharkiv is Mariya’s hometown and the foundation also sponsors Mariya’s DPhil studies.

Landau Centre Dicrector, Victoria Kruglova said: “In my opinion it was the most successful exhibition that we have ever organised since the centre opened 4 years ago. The exhibition was attended by hundreds of schoolchildren not just from Kharkiv and Kharkiv region but also from the neighbouring cities. Children discovered a lot of new things about microbes, which was very exciting for them. We as organisers hope that one day our young participants will also have a chance to become the next Mechnikov, Florey and Chain and realise that they too could make new discoveries and help people all around the world.” 

The children, aged between 8 - 12 years, were wowed and inspired by what they saw. Ten year old Mikhail said: “I saw bacteria under the microscope and then I found out what is inside bacteria, which was very interesting. I want to be a scientist because I can study microbes and find new ways to fight those that cause disease."

Commenting on the success of the event Mariya said: “ It is wonderful that the exhibition attracted so many children not just from the local schools but also from the villages nearby. We hope will be able to maintain the link with the local University and the outreach centre and take part in outreach events in Ukraine in future.”

Chris Tang and Rachel Exley, Mariya's supervisors, also travelled to Kharkiv. The group hope to visit again in June for a rerun of the exhibition for the 2,000 children on the waiting list. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 12