Gull Group deliver parasites workshop to build research skills in Ghana

Gull Group deliver parasites workshop to build research skills in Ghana

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Richard Wheeler and workshop participants

Postdocs Richard Wheeler, Jack Sunter and Samuel Dean from the Gull Group, joined Group Leader Keith Gull to help deliver a molecular cell biology workshop and build research skills at the University of Ghana from 16 - 27 January.

The workshop titled “Molecular Cell Biology of Protozoan Parasites” is the latest development in a long-standing capacity building relationship fostered by the Dunn School’s Gull Group with the University of Ghana. 

The course focused on genetic tools for analysing parasites such as Plasmodium (malaria), Trypanosoma (sleeping sickness) and Leishmania (leishmaniasis).

Stressing the capacity building and critical thinking approach, Richard said: “We focused on the tools to help young African scientists take control of their research - from learning about free genome data and bioinformatics experiments, to computational and genetic tools to make discoveries about parasite biology.”

Thanks to generous World Bank funding, including of this workshop, the University of Ghana is building a reputation for scientific excellence in the West Africa region.

Representatives from Cornell University, New York; the Sanger Institute, Cambridge and Oxford Brookes University joined the Dunn School researchers in delivering the sessions. 

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