Dunn School teachers praised in student led teaching awards

Dunn School teachers praised in student led teaching awards

Dunn School staff received glowing praise from students for their commitment to teaching in the Oxford University Student Union teaching awards presented in Trinity term 2016.

Shortlisted winners Paul Fairchild, Chris Norbury and Duncan Howie attended the awards gala at Oxford Town Hall on 3 May.

Student feedback was glowing for all three nominees in the ‘Outstanding Tutor, Medical Sciences Division’ category:  

Paul Fairchild  

‘The most dedicated and hard-working tutor his students could possibly ask for. Lovely nature, very approachable and hugely knowledgeable about his field. We very much appreciate his teaching.’

‘Professor Fairchild is dedicated to providing interesting, structured and relevant tutorials throughout the year……... He provides the most thorough feedback on essays, which are always marked within 24 hours, regardless of his other commitments (of which there are many!) He has covered two of our courses this year, both pathology and psychology, with equal enthusiasm and expertise. He begins every tute by asking us how the course is going and how we are and so is an excellent welfare structure! On top of all of this he has also given some of the best lectures we have had this year at the medical school. I cannot think of any, more deserving!’

Chris Norbury  

‘This tutor goes above and beyond the call of duty. Not only is he an amazing tutor academically but he also cares so much about students and is always there to help and offer pastoral support. He replies incredibly quickly to any queries and definitely actively cares about both our academic welfare and extracurricular activities.’

‘Professor Norbury is patient in teaching, adept in articulating the knowledge, reliable in marking the homework/essays with detailed comment, and swift in replying emails, supportive and constructive in his comments to student's work.’

Duncan Howie  

‘Duncan has been unusually helpful as a tutor. He has provided extra support for several of his students, including academic and stress/mental health-related. He is regularly checking up on us and ensuring that we are meeting our full potential. His teaching is outstanding, and extends to students outside his specialty - Duncan regularly runs a journal club for Wadham 2nd and 3rd years that covers topics from all medical fields. I am nominating him to say thank you!’

Commenting on his nomination Professor Fairchild said: “I am immensely proud to have been shortlisted. Unlike the divisional awards the OUSU teaching awards are completely student led and it’s the judgment of students’ themselves on teaching quality that matters most!”

The OUSU teaching awards began in 2012 as part of a National Union of Students initiative to celebrate excellence in university teaching. The awards are structured around 6 categories including ‘most acclaimed lecturer’, ‘outstanding tutor’ and ‘outstanding supervisor’.

For more information including a full list of award categories and details of this year’s winners visit the OUSU teaching awards website. 


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