The Dunn School Postdoc community shares a dinner with the neighbouring peers

The Dunn School Postdoc community shares a dinner with the neighbouring peers

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Image of the first-ever joint postdocs dinner of the three departments. Photo credit: Dzmitry Batrakou

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Postdoctoral researchers from the Dunn School attended the dinner at Hertford College. Photo credit: Alessia Galasso

The Postdoc Associations of the Departments of Biochemistry, Dunn School of Pathology and and Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics (DPAG) organised the first-ever joint postdoctoral researchers’ dinner for members of all three departments on 24th July 2018. The aim of the event was to promote the links between the postdoc communities from neighbouring departments, since postdoctoral scientists lack a default College association and might have less opportunities to socialise with fellow postdocs.

The three-course meal took place at Hertford College in Oxford and was attended by 60 postdocs overall, with 18 postdocs from the Dunn School joining the event. Seat allocation encouraged attendees to interact and mix with their peers from other departments; facilitating conversations on science projects, postdoc life in each department, mentoring programmes and career options, amongst other topics. The meal was followed by drinks at a famous Oxford roof top bar, for those willing to extend the evening.

Let’s hope it is the beginning of a new tradition – 3 departments, 60 scientists, great food and wine, all gathered in the beautiful setting of Hertford’s dinner hall” said Dunn School lead organiser Dr Dzmitry Batrakou

The lead organisers of the event were Dr Hayley Lees and Dr Aino Jarvelin from Biochemistry, who were assisted by Dr Stefania Monterisi from DPAG and Dr Dzmitry Batrakou from Pathology. Considering the positive feedback received and the success of the event, the Dunn School Postdoc Association will be considering organising similar networking social events in the future, which will occur alongside career events open to postdocs from all three departments.

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Written by Dr Anna Caballe (@caballe_anna)

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