Dunn School participates in National Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Dunn School participates in National Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Reconfirming its zero tolerance stance on bullying and harassment the Dunn School participated in National Anti-Bullying Week from 16 – 20 November 2020.

The week was an opportunity to raise awareness and promote discussion about bullying and harassment related issues.

Head of Department Matthew Freeman said: In light of all that has happened this year, it is more important than ever that we foster good working relationships and support each other. The theme this year, “United Against Bullying”, emphasised that we all need to work together to reduce incidents of bullying and create cultural change.”

Usually the department marks the week by gathering in-person for afternoon tea, but given Covid-19 restrictions a virtual event was held instead. Chair of the Dunn School Anti-Bullying Working Group, postdoc Emily Furlong, gave a short talk to set the scene, before participants were split into breakout rooms for small group discussions. 

Emily Said: “Many people commented that they enjoyed the session and were grateful to have a dedicated time and space to discuss issues; such as, how remote working would impact on bullying and harassment cases and the need for open and honest to communication between all people.”

To encourage staff and students to seek support if they are experiencing work related conflicts, the Anti-Bullying Working Group circulated daily emails on Frequently Asked Questions about the five departmental Harassment Advisors, throughout the week. The advisors are part of a University-wide network and are trained in the University Policy and Procedure on harassment and bullying. Their main role is to support and listen to people who feel they are experiencing bullying or harassment and guide them through the various options to resolve the conflict.




Friday, November 20, 2020 - 16