Dunn Graduate Students Showcase their Research at Annual Symposium

Dunn Graduate Students Showcase their Research at Annual Symposium

Summer is in full swing, but as always, the graduate students in the Dunn School earned their sunny days this year by presenting their research in the annual Graduate Student Symposium, which was held on 28thJune at the Medical Science Teaching Centre. This year’s programme was especially packed, with 15 oral presentations delivered by 3rdyear students, and 28 posters evenly divided between 1stand 2ndyears. 

The event, attended by over 100 Dunn school students and staff, was of exceptional quality this year, as described by co-organizer Chris Norbury at the symposium’s closing. The talks and posters sessions were “some of the best I’ve ever seen,” said Professor Peter Cook as he presented the awards in the symposium’s reception.  “And I’ve heard many talks, and seen many posters!” 

Prizes this year for best 1stand 2ndyear posters went to Fangfang Liu (Freeman lab) and Michael Knight in (Fodor lab), respectively. There was also a new prize this year for the best Microbiology poster, which was also awarded to Michael Knight. The best talk went to 3rdyear student Andreas Haensele (joint between Lea and Raff labs). 

“The range and quality of talks and posters this year was amazing, and I’m so grateful for having received the prize for the best presentation,” said Andreas. “The project I presented really is a team effort, so I’d like to thank everyone who was and is involved in it. And of course, thanks to the GSS organisers and all sponsors!”

The symposium this year was organized by both Lucinda Risius, and Chris Norbury, and was sponsored by Iota through Peter Cook, Starlab, and the Microbiology Society. 

Visit the student pages for more information on the Dunn School Graduate Programme and the students (including other DPhil programmes).

Written by @derekcxu

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