Award to Greaves’ lab researcher shows calibre of Dunn School staff

Award to Greaves’ lab researcher shows calibre of Dunn School staff

Greaves’ lab postdoc Carlota Recio Cruz has received the top award from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for her PhD thesis submitted in 2016, effectively demonstrating once again the Dunn School’s ability to recruit the highest calibre staff from across Europe.  

The award issued by the Foundation Jimenez Diaz Hospital was in recognition of the excellence of Carlota’s diabetes focused research activity as a student. She continues to further develop her work in this field as a postdoc in the Greaves lab since April 2016.

Professor Greaves said: “ The Dunn School only recruits the brightest young minds and Carlota is one of them. Her research into diabetes and vascular biology is important and down the line should lead to drug developments to treat serious and potentially fatal inflammatory complications associated with diabetes.”  

Reflecting on the significance of her research Carlota explained: “the aim of the project was to modulate the process of inflammation that takes place during diabetes. I used different preclinical therapeutic approaches based in mimicking SOCS proteins in order to prevent the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis and diabetic nephropathy. The results showed that targeting inflammation retards the progression of vascular and renal injury in diabetic mice, thus providing the basis for the development of new therapies against diabetes inflammatory complications.”

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