Principles of Pathology

The Principles of Pathology Course has been completely overhauled and has had new innovations in teaching introduced every year for the last 10 years. These include

  • Clinical Science symposia,
  • DNA transformation and fluorescence microscopy in the Microbiology practical class,
  • design of training videos for demonstrators by Dr Rachel Exley and Dr Arend te Velthuis (see below),
  • bacterial killing assays,
  • articles on our Heroes of Pathology, and
  • centralised start of term question papers for college tutors.

The course exemplifies research-led teaching. All the people who lecture on the course run their own laboratories (mostly in the Dunn School), and have published papers in top-tier journals and are invited to speak at international medical conferences. Students are exposed to ‘cutting edge’ research into the mechanisms of disease.

The course also provides researchers at the Dunn School an ideal opportunity to gain their first experience in teaching either by giving tutorials or acting as demonstrators in the Practical class. Prior to classes, we offer extensive training and support to demonstrators (organised by Professor David Greaves and Dr Rachel Exley).