Postdocs in Oxford Colleges

The colleges are an important part of Oxford life, yet, while in Oxford, it becomes evident that Postdocs are not automatically associated to a specific College (unlike all PhD students). However, there are ways to get involved into College life and it is important to be aware that actively seeking these opportunities is important. Here are 3 different ways of getting involved:

Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs):

Once a year, most College have 1 or more JRF positions available, which are advertised on the University Gazette and via the different mailing lists/poster boards. JRFs can be stipendiary or non-stipendiary and always tend to come with meal allowances or common room rights. JRFs get an affiliation with the College, can then have access to accommodation and other benefits and are normally ask to act as College advisors for Graduate students or PhD usually at their departments or from a related discipline. Try to find out which postdocs at the Dunn School got a JRF for tips on the application process and College environment in general.

Associate MCR member:

To become associated with a College via an existing Fellow and have access to the Middle Common Room (for graduates), sport facilities or accommodation. Varies according to each College, check the University vacancies page for openings throughout the year.

Teaching (see teaching opportunities section)

For any current vacancies within the University and any of its 38 Colleges, visit: