Postdoc association

The Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Postdoc Association (PDA) was established in 2013. It aims to strengthen contacts between young investigators and provides a basis for scientific and personal exchange.

The Postdoc Association (PDA) committee is formed by a group of volunteers from labs around the Dunn School that organises different activities (newcomers support, mentoring scheme/talks, social events, career workshops...) aimed at promoting the interaction and career development of our Postdoc community. It also provides a platform for postdocs to come together to discuss any ideas they may have or issues concerning themselves and to reach out to the rest of the Department as a community within the Dunn School.

Active members of the PDA agreed in 2018 to give some ‘structure’ to the committee in order to make it easier for everyone to recognise the people involved and to know who to contact within the PDA committee. Currently, the committee has co-chairs Katharina Braunger and Mike Renne whose functions are to facilitate the communication within the PDA, between the PDA and the Department, and to coordinate the PDA committee meetings. That being said, the PDA continues to operate in a non-hierarchical structure where everyone’s role is equally crucial and valued.

The PDA is particularly keen on hearing from new postdocs joining the department and on welcoming them into the team. Anyone interested in taking part should get in contact with the Postdoc Association committee via email or check the PDA board opposite the cafeteria microwaves. New volunteers are always welcome!