Other DPhil Programmes

Students who apply to and are accepted on these DPhil/PhD programmes may still be able to work with a supervisor/in a laboratory in this Department. As explained here, there are two main types of DPhil/PhD programme: direct-entry or structured.

Direct-entry programmes

In these programmes students join their main supervisor's laboratory in their first year. Other direct-entry programmes that students can apply to and work in this Department are: 

  1. Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Fellowships Scheme for Clinicians. This is for clinicians.

  2. The NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Programme. This is for students from the United States to undertake collaborative four-year DPhil training based in both Oxford and the intramural campus of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at Bethesda (Maryland, USA). 
Structured DPhil Programmes

These programmes, which are hosted by the Medical Sciences and the Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences Doctoral Training Centres, have a first year that involves rotations through two or more supervisors' laboratories before the student begins their main research project. Group leaders in this Department can supervise students on the following programmes:


Information for clinicians, including funding sources, can be found here