At the Dunn School we do all we can to support our Postdocs to reach their full potential. As well as providing an outstanding and interactive research environment, we believe in the value of mentorship. The primary responsibility for advising Postdocs about their research and their future careers lies with their group leader, but we are also experimenting with a new system of peer mentorship. In collaboration with the Oxford Learning Institute (OLI), we are pioneering a process of one-to-one and group mentoring sessions for Postdocs where there are opportunities both to be mentored and to be trained as a mentor.

We hope that peer mentoring will provide Postdocs with an extra layer of support in matters as diverse as research progress, future career planning, grant/fellowship writing, as well as more personal issues.

Finally, the University and the Medical Sciences Division also both provide many training courses in both technical and more general skills.