Future careers

The Postdoc association at the Dunn School, working closely with the Careers Service at Oxford University, is currently setting up a series of talks and workshops that are focused on providing information and guidance for Postdocs on their future careers. We will have a series of talks from speakers from many different backgrounds but who all originally started out in biomedical research. The speakers range from group leaders in academia, pharmaceutical industry managers, financial consultants, medical writers, publishers and so on. Furthermore, the Careers Service provide regular one-to-one appointments to give feedback on your CV, or provide training for interviews. In combination with the regular careers fairs that Oxford University provide, there will be no shortage of advice and guidance for Postdocs looking at their next step on the career ladder.

More generally, the Oxford Learning Institute (OLI) provide a range of courses that will endow Postdocs with a wide range of new skills, important for your current career but also skills (such as statistics and time management) that will be transferable to other professions.