The Dunn School and BREXIT

The Dunn School has been fully international since it was founded in 1927. The first Head of Department, Georges Dreyer, was Danish, and the next two, Howard Florey and Henry Harris were both Australian. We are proud to be the department where penicillin was transformed into the greatest therapeutic revolution of the 20th century, and note that this was spearheaded by Howard Florey (Australian) and Ernst Chain (German).

Today nearly half our groups are led by non-British scientists; two thirds of our graduate students are from overseas (with non-British EU citizens being the largest single group); and over half of all research staff are not from the UK.

The UK’s vote to leave the European Union of course presents challenges for us, but we have been a fully global department for nearly 100 years and this will not change. We not only want students, postdocs and group leaders from the EU and further afield, we need them.

We will continue to provide world-class opportunities for all and will continue to recruit from everywhere in the world. We welcome everyone who wants to participate in our world-leading biomedical research.