Digital montage: The "Spirit of the Dunn School"

The "Spirit of the Dunn School” is like a rainbow - its bands symbolising the connectedness of the Dunn School community; our connection to society as a whole and to the world; and our solidarity with NHS and social care staff, and with all key workers. The arc of the rainbow symbolises our continuing hope – a bridge into the future beyond the Summer of 2020 where a COVID-19 vaccine is discovered and the pandemic overcome.  

“I would like to invoke the famous ‘spirit of the Dunn School’ to ask you all to help……. We’ll get through this together." (Head of Department, Matthew Freeman, 12 March 2020)                                                                                                                                                               


The "Spirit of the Dunn School" digital montage was compiled from rainbow art produced by Dunn School staff, students and family members during the UK lockdown in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in Spring 2020.