Athena Swan

In recognition of our work to support women scientists, we have been awarded an Athena SWAN Silver award.

Athena SWAN is a national scheme aimed at ensuring that all University departments work hard to prevent the attrition of women in senior positions that is a common problem in science nearly everywhere. It requires us to analyse the career patterns of women scientists at the Dunn School, consult all staff about what we do well and what needs improvement, and to develop a specific Action Plan. This is much more than a bureaucratic box-ticking exercise and we have made, and are continuing to make, significant changes. Encouragingly, we see evidence that these are having the desired effects.

Visit the Women in Science website that delves into the experiences of successful women in science across the University of Oxford, through a collection of video narratives. 

Read a redacted version of our successful Silver renewal November 2018 application.

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